Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for car rental

  1. Requirements for Vehicle Driving
  • The Renter should have had a valid driving licence for at least 2 years.
  • Minimal age of renters: 25 years
  • Minimal rental period: 24 hours.
  • Valid passport or ID card
  • In case of delay by 60 minutes or more without giving notice to T Rent a car, the Renter shall pay a full rental day charge.
  1. Method of Payment
  • Payment shall be effected at the renting of the vehicle. T Rent a car accepts payment in cash.
  • Deposit – Upon delivery of the vehicle, any customer shall pay a deposit ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 300 in cash or by credit card.
  1. Petrol
  • Petrol costs within the rental period shall be at Renter’s expense; these costs are not included in the rental price. The vehicle -should be returned with as much petrol in the petrol tank as it has been delivered to the Renter. Otherwise, any differences in petrol quantity shall be paid at the rate of EUR 1,50/ litre.
  1. Insurances
  • The tariffs ofT Rent a car include Liability Insurance, Seats Insurance and Automobile Insurance. The insurance of the rented vehicle does not cover any damages of tyres, wheel rims, all the parts of the lower parts of the car and the interior of the car. In case of larceny or road traffic accident and if there is no protocol drawn up by Traffic Police, the insurance shall not be valid. In case the driver of the rented vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance shall not be valid.


  1. Driving abroad
  •   The vehicles owned by T Rent a car cannot leave the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria


  1. Renter’s Liability
  • If there is no protocol, Renter shall pay 100% of the vehicle damages. In case the accident is through Renter’s fault, his/ her liability equals a 3-rental day charge. If the Renter has driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs and caused a road traffic accident, any damages to the rented vehicle shall be paid completely by the Renter. In case of loss of hubcaps, registration plates or documents, set of keys with alarm button as well as CD player panel, the Renter shall be obliged to pay their value.


“T Rent a Car” is not liable for partial or permanent disability or death of the driver or       the vehicle passengers in an accident or other incident with the rented car during the    rental period.

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